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Second Shaadi - Articles - Aug-2008

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The Smart Woman's Guide to Second Marriage Finance

26-Aug-2008 9 : 14 PM by Sachin Gupta  in  Finance

I don't mean just in the general sense, I mean in every sense. We all know to keep a car key between our first and second finger when we walk through a dark parking lot alone. We know that someone who is aggressive on a first date should not get a second. We know not to give money to someone who claims to have a bridge to sell us. We do not know, however, how to say no to someone we love. We are generous to a fault most of the time, putting our assets and resources at their fingerti Read Full Post  Full Story

104 Comments | 80,609 Views

Remarriage: Ideas, Tips & Etiquette

26-Aug-2008 9 : 13 PM by Sachin Gupta  in  Finance

Second, third, even fourth marriages are relatively commonplace in this day and age. While nobody applauds the high divorce rate in this country, we nonetheless recognize remarriage as a fact of life -- and a great opportunity for a happy new start (and a cool second wedding) for thousands of couples. Second- or third-time-around couples often find themselves at a loss as to how to go about celebrating their nuptials -- as if a marriage that is not one's first is any less cause f Read Full Post  Full Story

67 Comments | 20,651 Views

Remarriage Tips: Take a Second Look

26-Aug-2008 9 : 13 PM by Sachin Gupta  in  Finance

Before remarrying many individuals are a little hesitant to remarry and rightly so. It is important that individuals look at the potential red flags of the person they are considering marrying. Unfortunately, too many people remarry a second time without getting a clear understanding of who are they are marrying. Therefore, I suggest that before remarriage individuals take a second look at the person they are marrying. For example, how does your potential spouse deal with stress, yo Read Full Post  Full Story

19 Comments | 12,743 Views

How to Help Your Child Accept a Second Marriage

26-Aug-2008 9 : 12 PM by Sachin Gupta  in  Finance

On announcing your forthcoming second marriage, your 6 to 11 year old child has reacted negatively - what should you as a mother do to make it easier? When you're faced with your child's pain and anger during a time of your happiness, it can be a turbulent time. This article presents some ways to help your child come to terms to the new arrangements and learn to accept your impending blended family. Reassure your child. Even if your child gets along well with your fianc Read Full Post  Full Story

214 Comments | 42,549 Views

A Guide to Getting Remarried in Style

26-Aug-2008 9 : 12 PM by Sachin Gupta  in  Finance

It seems like everyone has an opinion on second weddings. "You shouldn't wear white" or "You shouldn't have such a fancy second wedding" or even "Eloping is what made the first marriage fail – you have to have a big church wedding this time." If you're planning a second wedding while trying to sort out etiquette from opinions, here's a guide for everything from what to wear to how to register. Don't worry - you're older, you're wiser and you've go Read Full Post  Full Story

53 Comments | 18,436 Views
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