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Tips for Creating Successful Second Marriages

26 Aug 2008 9:11 PM by Sachin Gupta in  Re-Marriage 

Second marriages can take more work in order to succeed, but they can be successful. Whether your first marriage ended because of a death or due to a divorce, it is possible to move on from the experience and use it as a learning tool in your next marriage.  Sometimes, second marriages can be even more successful than first marriages because both parties have more experience to know what they are looking for in a lifelong partner. That doesn’t mean that second marriages w Read Full Post Full Story

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Your second marriage and wedding

26 Aug 2008 9:10 PM by Sachin Gupta in  Re-Marriage  Wedding 

The decision of a second marriage is usually a lot harder to take than it was your first one. You are older, wiser, more life experienced, but at the same time afraid that this marriage can also go wrong. The first thing to do is lay the past to rest. And then have faith in your future. A second marriage is the beginning of a new life for you and your husband. So you have to start it right. Here are some tips that may help you. *. Don't compare with your last wedding. *. If you wa Read Full Post Full Story

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Wedding Preparations: Your Second Marriage

26 Aug 2008 9:10 PM by Sachin Gupta in  Re-Marriage  Wedding 

Second marriages require a host of issues that differ from the preparations for a first marriage. In addition to all the logistics relating to party plan that plague a first wedding, second time brides and grooms deal with additional issues. Some of these issues include legal issues, determining who pays for the wedding, deciding what type of attire the bride and groom will wear and possibly even dealing with having your own children involved in the process if either of you already Read Full Post Full Story

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Is It Possible to Beat the Odds And Make Your Second Marriage a Success?

26 Aug 2008 9:09 PM by Sachin Gupta in  Re-Marriage 

It’s been proven that the second marriage divorce rate is statistically higher than that of first marriages because of a few simple, yet critical mistakes that many people make when they enter their second marriage. Psychology Today stated that “a whopping **% of second marriages fail. And they do so even more quickly after an average of ** years; **% of second marriages have dissolved versus **% of first marriages.” If anything can be learned from the second mar Read Full Post Full Story

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Marriage the Second Time Around

26 Aug 2008 9:08 PM by Sachin Gupta in  Re-Marriage 

According to tradition and etiquette, second weddings should be simple and casual instead of being formal and excessive. However, the number of second or encore weddings rises steadily each year. Such a ceremony is planned to celebrate*people who want to embark on a new marriage with different partners. Note that many of the old traditions in weddings are now considered sexist, so modern couples are exploring the creation of new traditions and activities, making modern weddings mor Read Full Post Full Story

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