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The Importance of Keeping Your Connection in Your Second Marriage

26 Aug 2008 9:08 PM by Sachin Gupta in  Re-Marriage 

A second (or third or fourth) marriage can happen anytime in your life and it's what you do to keep that marriage alive that determines whether it lasts or not. One of the secrets to creating a great second marriage is to keep your connection strong and alive. Here's a great story about one of our friends that illustrates this point... When we saw our friend Elizabeth, she was absolutely glowing! Not only was she glowing, but she was excited about her life in a way we've never see Read Full Post Full Story

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10 Tips for Marriage After Divorce

26 Aug 2008 9:07 PM by Sachin Gupta in  Re-Marriage  Divorce 

In a marriage after divorce, one or both partners may bring painful past experiences into the relationship. Here are ** tips to make remarriage successful. After a family divorce, people may be more cautious about relationships and remarriage – making second marriages a bit more difficult to enjoy freely. "When you've been hurt, it's hard to let yourself be vulnerable again," say the authors of Making Marriage Work for Dummies. Chances of marriage after divorce If Read Full Post Full Story

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