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You start loving living alone :) - Dealing with Divorce - Discussion Forum - Second Shaadi
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You start loving living alone :)

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Hello Friends, I just wanted this post to come straight from my heart and to touch yours. The Indian laws have really made it difficult for a men to sustain a Divorce. You get pissed of for various things that you encounter during your hearings in court. And when you live alone for say couple of months/years, you start enjoying this life. This is when you realize that living alone is far better than a partner. The things that you were afraid of while living alone you start enjoying them. This is the probably the time when things are real nasty and brings out the best of a child in you. It is just about your perception of dealing the errands around. If you think it would be difficult to manage your children after divorce you will definitely find it difficult. If you start enjoying it you will find that it is very easy. We people have got our own community and I guess I am not the only person who don't want to marry again :). Last but not the least enjoy whatever you do, Look forward and bring out the best in you. SOUNDS PHILOSOPHICAL!!!??? Yes it does but it worked like a blessing for me. I am enjoying the every bit of this life and would continue doing so. The mess starts when you start giving sympathy to yourself. If you have entered in that zone I would like to request you to immediately come out of it. It doesn't matters what others have done with you. The only thing that matters here .... how you are planning your tomorrow. It's really not necessary to marry again and yes it is not necessary to live alone :) .... You would definitely ask what I am trying to say here. Well ... I am just trying to recommend you to follow your own heart and the entire world would follow you. If you think I need to marry again do it ... Theres no harm in taking another chance and getting defeated again :) . You would have nothing to regret later. Just think about the max consequences that can happen .... It would not click again .... Aaahhh No worries .... :) .... You can again start the same life that you are living currently. AND if it clicks you can have a very charming life ahead. WO KEHTE HENA KHONE KE LIYE JYADA KUCH NAHI LEKIN PAANE KE LIYE ZINDAGI .... On the second thought if you have decided to live alone like me just start enjoying every bit of it and you will see that it far more better .... PERCEPTION MATTERS :) Happy reading friends
Replies(7) | 2014-Nov-08


good to hear


unfortunately, the Apex court said that if husband is unable to pay alimony, inlaws should pay it. if this verdict would become a final order, then it would become very difficult for those who are genuinely fighting their case for maintenance.


dear friend bhavi**, you are also the same what i think,why don't we work together to fight against indian laws.i spend * lacs for my marriage in ****,after marriage she run out without my knowledge several times,when i call her to live with me she eats me * times and get injured.operation there any legal remedy for this.indian laws are very bad.i live alone for last * years.she live happily with my lovely child and enjoy boy friends relation.strugle to live in this india. lot of married indian men's are suicided as per national crime records bureau. actually police not file lot of suicide cases in several states.only some states file the details with ncrb,but it shows several lacks of married males are suicide. please contact me **********,


very well said bhavi


i would like to convey only that all women or men are not always same .every one mustnt b treated all alike ,yet we must b so cautious before getting in close proximity ,such as financial issues.,; yet somehow we have to put faith upon someone in this long journey of life.. undoubtedly the world is full of selfish cheats but we cant blame everybody for some unpardonable offenders .marriage is a social institution that we can never defy or ignore for many reasons ,we need to get the concerned person well before getting engaged .if we neglect marriage completely it would b to oppose nature its unavoidable demand or command .if every man decides not to marry and to remain single how we can render the service of nature for us . as far as laws r concerned i m also in favour of some precautions modification protection for innocent men....finally i would request both men and women not to post such hypocritical or frustrating comments as it may lead embarrassment to some loyal or innocent ones .


four ninty eighta a is destroying indian culture


It is not law or social problems which are destroying our family life. It is the corrupt judges of supreme court who are even more powerful then Parliament are destroying everything in our country including family life. It is an opportunity to understand and fight back with them and do something good for humanity and nation.

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