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One more girls has been cheated from this site in the tune of Rs forty thousand - Dealing with the Death of a spouse - Discussion Forum - Second Shaadi
Second Shaadi Discussion Forum

One more girls has been cheated from this site in the tune of Rs forty thousand

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One more girls has been cheated from this site in the tune of Rs forty thousand Inactive Profile Girls please ignore those person who ask you to do favor / help for money or any things as he lost every things while coming to meet you.. if some one ask like this then strait forward reject his demand .....These bastard are having such mod or operands to cheat girls and playing with emotional fool girls ...after taking things like mobile phone, laptop or cash they simply threatening you for dare dare consequences if you reavails things to other or report this matter to girls if you have been ask by some one that he has lost his belonging while coming to meet you then you can understand this man is a big cheater./criminal ..leave him as soon as possible..never trust such man ........................things to be consider before you involve with some one ............always look person from your city. he/she should be leaving with family..should have his own permanent home....all other relative should staying near by.. he must be working in same city..You must check legal documents before proceeding further etc. Be Care Full from such person who never disclosed there true status not willing to reavails ....they can not be trustworthy .............
Replies(13) | 2012-Feb-02
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This is a portal for Second shaadi for people wo are looking for partners for second time. Unfortunately there are so many profiles who are there just to enjoy life. As a responsible portal the Second shaadi team should ask for the employment and identity proofs from the profile holder. By this the profile will have more and more genuine people on board and this would soon turn into a most genuine site for re-looking at life. This should be taken as a serious feedback as people are playing with lives of girls by boasting on their profiles for their employment


It is a laughing matter that some profiles profess to believe in Guru Granth sahib Ji and at the same time their profile says Drinking- does not matter,Smoking - does not matter, Eating habit -does not matter.Either they do not know what scripture says or their profile is not true.


Hi I m a member of second for the last*years,I have sent many mails to no of females but never got any reply. I wonder if non of the ladies are afraid of replying or scared of the society then they should have not put up their profiles on this site.Either such members shd come forward boldly or remove their profiles from this site, If someone is hurt by my remark,I appologise for that but I wrote what I hv bn experiencing.So female members must reply atleast yes or no.


its a comedy some ladies saying "DOWN TO EARTH " GOD FEARING" ADJUSTABLE..." ...everbody knows all are to live wat is the need in copying statements .oh so we are not ' like that' what is special... .there is nothing say abt anything other than ..we practise to learn adjustment..


ji sometimes we have to care ourself ji.....time is like that...dont wry....


i request the members both male and female to accept or decline the expression but 80% of them do not accept or decline expression i think they are not serious about second marriage


now it is the time for the site administrator to check the ligitimacy of the member. I recieved one message in my in box, where the profile says that the lady is residing at New York India. she is masters in qualifications and her qualification detail shows high school. I am completely blind person and have already been cheated by the lady in my previous married life, and won't want to be repeated the same here. I am afraid, that what is the percentage of the members registered on this portal and get success to find a suitable partner. however, i believe that marrige is nothing more then adjustment, but, the adjustment should be true. I request the old members of this forum to please let me know the facts. whether I should continue or quit this portal. however, I am a paid member and registered as a gold member. thank you.


One girl from Delhi cheated a man for Rs ****/- saying her grand mother is admitted in hospital, now there is no money to discharge her from there as the bill was Rs *****/- and she had only ****/- So this man gave her and after that she totally stopped talking or sending any message to him.


I have recently joined in this site, just 2 moths ago. I agree 100% to what Mr. Jagat says in above posting. The girls on this site never write anything in response. I do send my proposals by thoroughly reading and according to their preference. Evern then they just read and keep quiet. We are like fools waiting....Waiting.....Waiting, but response never comes. It looks they are not serious to get into matrimony. In which case, in first step, why they come to this site?? just to collect boys details? to have fun for years....By then they find someone they get old !!!


four ninty eighta a is destroying indian culture

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