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What exactly are we looking for? - Second Marriages - Discussion Forum - Second Shaadi
Second Shaadi Discussion Forum

What exactly are we looking for?

After a bad experience, I note that the girls are stiill NOT looking for honesty, reliability, trustworthiness. So strange!
Replies(4) | 2016-Mar-07


Yes you are right. For most of females it is a fun to go for second marriage entertainment. So no photo, no email, no mobile. Probably they are neither widow nor divorced. It is fun for a better time pass.


Yes, i also experienced major are timepass and some are even fake posting photoshoped pics of theirs. It is so embarassing that the girl you speaking for months and then when meet she is not what she posted !!!

Its ture. And alos u forget one thing. The first privilage of girls from boys is earning. First question girls and thier parents ask is how much u r earning


yes.. exactly the same experience with me and most men here. All Girls want you to be earning High and having Huge Savings for HER to be Royally taken care of, nothing else. They are not bothered much about your family background nor your looks and some not even whether you ever want her in the bed to be extreme

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