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Your second marriage and wedding

26 Aug 2008 9:10 PM by Sachin Gupta in Wedding
The decision of a second marriage is usually a lot harder to take than it was your first one. You are older, wiser, more life experienced, but at the same time afraid that this marriage can also go wrong. The first thing to do is lay the past to rest. And then have faith in your future. A second marriage is the beginning of a new life for you and your husband. So you have to start it right. Here are some tips that may help you.

1. Don't compare with your last wedding.

2. If you want a religious ceremony see what it is required: if you belong to the Roman Catholic you will need an annulment; if you are Est Europa Orthodox you just talk with the priest (the church allows a second religious ceremonial for those who are divorced); if you are Episcopalian you will need the bishop's permission to remarry; if you are Conservative or Orthodox Jewish, you will need to receive a Get (Jewish divorce) from your ex-husband.

4. Decide if you want a large or a small reception. The etiquette says that for the second marriage the bride should have a shorter veil (or none) and the gown should not be full length. Also the confetti/rice traditions are improper. The same goes for throwing the garter or the bouquet. But if you want to have all these things, nothing should stop you. It is your decision.

5. Write carefully the guests list. Some of them were at your first wedding too and maybe they won't come. But most of them will send presents as a sign of approval of the new wedding. Usually it's better to leave the ex spouse and ex parents in law out. But if you've remained in good terms you may invite them as well.

6. Pay attention to the children. Announce them as soon as possible. Don't let them hear from someone else but you. They may reject the idea of the second marriage and you have to be very diplomatic in treating the issue. If they are happy for you, you may give them responsibilities according to the age (flower girl, ring bearer, best man, bridesmaid) so they feel welcome in the new formed family.

7. Usually the second wedding is paid entirely by the couple. So you have to be very careful about the budget. But if the parents want to help, let them. After all, they are your parents and they want you to be happy.

8. Wit it being the second marriage some legal issues may be required (especially if there are children involved). Talk to your lawyer about them.

9. You may want a honeymoon. Don't go to a location that brings you old memories. Use the time to create new memories.

And most importantly: don't be ashamed to show the world that you are once again in love. You deserve to be happy.


159 Comment(s)

Pramod :

on 26 Oct 13 at 10:15 PM

We live a life which is far different from facts of life. The fact is that the strongest love is in the blood,even after marriage a man & woman can not have the deeper relation what they have with their parents and siblings. However man falls for beauty it starts with outer and gradually gets in to inner self. A good physical chemistry leads to internal love where each others pain can be felt. A man must be able to give love, financial and emotional security to the female. The woman must keep herself physically and mentally fit,both should be if possible egoless which is a very difficult task.i am sure my worlds will impact few people for a better understanding to life. Good luck

Happy :

on 16 Oct 13 at 8:31 PM

Money only expecting huge level in the percentage of gals and womans through matrimony. I got experience,practically.

gani :

on 25 Sep 13 at 10:06 AM

money is imp tant for survieor of life but so many lazy womens r their they want spend strugulle of husband money i dont understand still in second marraige also girls want to depend up on their husbands now adays their is no diffrence between male and female both must strugulle for life living 99 percent of married cuples r both earnings in first marraige, then wat about second marraige y they want to depend i not geting

chitra :

on 11 Sep 13 at 8:42 PM

Money not everything for girls.. but sure the spouse should earn sufficient to keep his family comfortable.. and Mr. Vilas these days guys too ask a girl how much you earn?? and yea sure we don want to spend for the guy's expenses..there are some guys who take money from even their so thats the reason we want to knw about the fin status of guys to make certain they don depnd on our money..

alex :

on 07 Sep 13 at 6:10 PM

This writing has brought me hope..Thanks to the writer who wrote the content. Regards Alex

Bhawani Shankar :

on 23 Aug 13 at 6:47 PM

money is not everything for girls. what this rapid and repeated reply want to prove.

kitu :

on 21 Aug 13 at 10:15 PM

and if u want i prove this

kitu :

on 21 Aug 13 at 10:14 PM

hi poonam u wrote money is not importance for girls but you r now in darkness and here is some profiles they want only money and make relations

gani :

on 21 Aug 13 at 4:11 PM

poonam wrote money is imp to survival of life but lazy womens r most found of money bz they dont have capacity of earning any way now adays girls and guys r equally in socoiety in everyting so girls must remove 4rm mind that guys only must care take their lifeevry one must b independent

kitu :

on 21 Aug 13 at 8:10 AM

yes some ladies importance only money here is profile of a lady mother of*child age 42 plus and she wrote whose income is 25 lacs plus he contact me

ram :

on 18 Aug 13 at 1:36 PM

if u say i dont have money no body will marry ..ha ha .. if u say i need love no body is ready to give...everyone is acting ....

kaushal :

on 17 Aug 13 at 1:15 PM

Money only attracts lazy girls, when a woman works hard, a man with money is just a bonus not a ladder to upgrade.

vilas :

on 15 Aug 13 at 12:58 AM

but the first question women ask, how much you earn. This proves women are after money and not real partner

Poonam :

on 12 Aug 13 at 4:51 PM

money is important for the survival of life. but that dosn't mean ,money is every thing for the girls

Poonam :

on 12 Aug 13 at 4:51 PM

money is important for the survival of life. but that dosn't mean ,money is every thing for the girls

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